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Best breastfeeding accessories

So you’ve decided to breastfeed, congratulations! I’m sure you are aware that it is not an easy task, it takes a little bit of time to get used to, and that there will be some times that you’ll feel tired of it. Baby is worth […]

Best diaper rash cream for Babies

All babies at one point in their first year of life will experience diaper or nappy rash, and it’s not pleasant for the poor baby nor her worried parents. Thank goodness we have products to help them heal and/or prevent getting any, but there are […]

The Big BAG Theory

Many times I have gone out and thought I packed what I needed and then, and when the moment came to change Bee’s nappy (or anything else baby related) I find to my shock that I wasn’t carrying that so needed thing. Oh shoot…!

I know every person is a world and so it’s his or her bag (my bag is more of a labyrinth, I could get lost in it or lose my mind trying to find things!), so not all of what I find essential could be an essential for you, but to me it proved quite necessary or at least helpful for specific moments.

There’re millions types of bags out there, and even many more of baby bags, it’s another business opportunity for bag makers. I’ve got a lovely baby bag myself, in fact two, yet I would tell you that you don’t need a special bag or baby bag, any bag will do, and the more pockets, space, and dividers it has, the better!


Big Bag bug

I wasn’t the type to wear big bags, in fact I never liked them because I’m not that tall (160cm tall) and I used to see pictures of the likes of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen wearing those big bags, I compared them as those tiny dogs in purses. Not that I have anything against them or their choice of style, but I would feel like if I was an elf hiding behind a wallet.

Well, I still don’t like big bags (huge bags), but I bought medium baby bags in the bigger side, with lots of pockets. The pockets are very handy when you want to put different things in different places to be accessed rapidly, like one pocket for soothers, other for tissues, other for clean bibs, and so on…

My bag is a Lassig branded one, came with extras like two detachable shopping hooks (very handy!) and a Changing mat. One of the good things of this bag is that you can swap the position of the shoulder straps, as they are secured with hooks, converting it an across strap or letting it be carried on its side instead. One of the cons is that it’s not waterproof and the outer fabric despite being so soft, seems easy to rip off if it gets caught with something sharp.

I really love my bag, it has a story behind it and therefore it’s priceless as it has a lot of sentimental value, I’m using it now with my little Bee and I’ll probably use it with any children that might have in the future. Hopefully it’ll stand the test of time, but just in case, I’ll try not to mistreat it much.

Toiletry Bags

Click to purchaseI have a medium-sized toiletry bag like the one shown in the picture, I use it to store anything that has to do with nappy changing. It contains at least 4 nappies (remember to stock every time you use them before you run out!), nappy balm, nappy sacks, a pair of clean socks, moisturizer in a small tube and a bag of baby wipes.
I have another small one with tissues, scissors, lip balm, hand cream, sun cream, and few reusable bamboo wipes. You can use the spare one (if you decide to buy the set of the picture), which is quite big, for a change of clothes. Yes, you”l always need a new set of clothes when going out, you never know when you’ll need them but definitely when the time comes you’ll be glad to have them. Babies tend to wet themselves because you forgot to put a bib on when he was teething, or when you couldn’t change that full nappy and waited a bit too long in doing so, and so on…

Small blanket or Swaddle

Click to purchaseBabies love to feel cozy, protected and hugged, who doesn’t? As a baby’s body cannot regulate by itself until about the age of two, carrying a small blanket or swaddle can be really handy, even if it’s used as a bed blanket or cover on the floor. Also, when babies fall asleep in their prams, as they are not moving, their body temperature can drop and they might feel very cold. Blankets are very versatile, I bring my shawl to use as blanket as it has my scent and my baby loves it.

I was given few sets of Swaddles, for instance similar to the picture, although I must warn you, some are advertised as muslin and swaddle but make sure they are each at least 35″ long to be used as swaddle (I had few that they were a joke of a swaddle, too small!).

My favourite brands are Aden + Anais for their softness, their trendy and modern designs; and Tuc Tuc which is a Spanish brand similar to Aden+Anais. I have one of each brand and I love them but Bee’s choice is Tuc Tuc’s, he had it as a gift since he was born and been sleeping with it since then so naturally he can’t live without it (I think, I don’t want to test him though).

Drink bottle/beaker

Click to purchaseBee is almost one year old now, nine months to be precise, he doesn’t drink many liquids apart from breast milk (and needs to be directly from the boob, he doesn’t like it in a bottle either!), but not always he’ll be able to access to a breast when he’s thirsty. Take for instance a road trip, I don’t think that even very well large bossomed mothers can breastfeed their baby from across the car while strapped in their seat! Babies need to be well hydrated, even when my baby is thirsty he still refuses the bottle or beaker I offer him, but if I think he needs a sip I’ll keep trying until we can find a spot by the road to stop. The one he takes is the Avent Philips beaker, as he likes to bite and chew on its spout, but one of the cons is that it leaks a bit, so if you buy one make sure it stays upright as much as possible.

Baby hat

This one might seem to be irrelevant but believe me is not, in the winter it’ll keep your baby’s head and ears warm and protected from cold winds. On a hot sunny day it’ll help your baby to stay cooler and provide a bit of shade for his face protecting her sensitive skin. You’ll still need to put sun cream, it’s advisable to use some from the age of 6 months onward, for younger ones you’ll have to cover their skin and keep them under some shade. As I want my child to have as less chemicals on his skin as possible I tend to buy organic skincare, my favourite UK brand one (which is cheap but very good!) is Childs Farm Sun cream SPF50.


Baby Toy

Click to purchaseBabies don’t play much with toys until they are about 4 months, their most important source of entertainment is Mummy or Daddy. Their favorite game is to look at your face and touch it, while we are making funny faces at them. Social interaction is very important in the first years of a child’s life, their parents are their core or centre of everything in their world and being, we make them feel safe and loved, mostly their mum.

Yet we’ll come across a baby toy that has been proved invaluable or very loved by the baby. Bee’s favorite toy is… A bee (or kinda looks like)!

It’s not just a hanging bug, it has only three functional buttons yet they are great. Recently we brought it with us to a trip to see all my family including uncles and aunties. Bee’s cousin, who’s just four months older, fell in love with the bee as he loved mostly the changing lighting of the wings. The toy’s other two functions are soft lullaby tunes, and our favorite and life saver: Sea sounds! White noise is actually helpful to help baby to fall asleep, and Bee is very picky and the only noise that actually soothed him to sleep was the sound of the waves of this toy. We are thinking of buying a second one just in case we lose this one! And it’s not too big nor heavy and the wings are soft rubber that Bee likes to chew on now and then.

I hope this post will help you guys to decide what to bring with you in your baby’s bag. Let me know if there was any item you think it would also help that I haven’t mentioned here, it could help other people!


With joy and light,





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