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The burnout is real

The burnout is real

Who says that motherhood is easy? That it should come natural and women are somehow genetically “programmed” to cope with all the needs of a child effortlessly. Well that is completely science fiction because the burnout is real! Only mothers, and breastfeeding mothers in some […]

How to access breastfeeding faster

Portrait this: lovely sunny day, you decide to go out with your baby to catch some rays as Vitamin D is good for both of you (and hopefully getting a little bit of a tan). You get everything ready, packed some snacks and drinks, got […]

Once upon a time.. A breastfeeding start

Once upon a time.. A breastfeeding start

How it all started: Roleplaying

Once upon a time, I’ve always wanted to be a mother, since I was very young no doubt. I grew up in a very warm and close family, with my aunties and grandparents very close to help my parents out whenever was needed. My aunties used to take me out for walks and shopping, my uncles loved playing with me all goofy and there were lots of games, and my grandparents were almost like parent figures.

I was my parent’s first child and also the first baby in both sides of my parents’ families, the first granddaughter and niece all at the same time. I was treated as a princess and had lots of lovely clothes and toys for presents. Of those toys I had many dolls and always loved playing mummy and serving tea while I was holding one dolly on my arm. I would watch other mums around the park or streets and copy their moves.

In both countries where I was raised up, starting with breastfeeding is the natural choice, so I too naturally embraced it for my future children. When I became a young adult I moved to different countries as Ireland, and now settling in England, I’ve learned that many mothers opt strictly with only bottle feeding instead.

Choosing sides is irrelevant

There’s quite a very strong (and sometimes brutal I might say) debate over what’s best concerning newborns and babies’ nutrition. I mean brutal in the sense of seeing many parents going to great lengths to declaring the other side as an enemy, bitching each other and even some degrading all people who doesn’t agree with their beliefs.

There’s so much information about the battles of pro-breastfeeding and pro-bottle against each other, they are everywhere in every blog, website, magazine, newspaper, community centres, hospitals.. Each side making their own point, fiercely putting down their foot and trying to convince those who are undecided or doubtful.

While I’m strongly inclined for breastfeeding I do understand that what is best is to actually feed the baby whether is a breast or bottle. Not all mothers can produce enough milk, not all mothers have the means for breastfeeding nor the ideal situation in doing so. Therefore, as I’m sure deep inside we all agree that in the end of the day what matters are not only to have babies well-fed, but most importantly them being healthy, safe, and happy.

I don’t really want to dwell much on the debate but I’m more than happy to write a post about the pros and cons of each side from my point of view. So if you would like to please do pop me a request on the comments section below or email me. I’m here to help and give any support needed!

Gearing up

One of the things I encountered when I was buying all the things I needed was the lack of pretty clothes for breastfeeding mothers. Most of the dresses were similar, very simple and sporty, monochrome, most dark coloured like blue and black. There were lots of maternity dresses and many were amazing, but most lacked of functioning as a breastfeeding one.

I thought it was ridiculous, as we all know maternity last about nine months but probably on the last four we might need special clothes to fit around our growing bumps. Meanwhile, those who choose to nurse their baby (and stick to it) could be more than six months, or even a year or two breastfeeding! Wouldn’t be more practical to combine the two elements together in order to be cost effective? I guess it’s a lucrative business, taking advantage of the parenting hype and mother-to-be (full of excited and happy hormones) convincing them it’s all worth their hardly earned monies.

I’ve bought few pregnancy dresses already before I realized that I would be needing nice breastfeeding clothes too. I had bought cotton and bamboo reusable breast pads (one of the best buys ever!) and a couple of breastfeeding bras in h&m, black and white to be precise(very boring!).

A new quest?

Baby bee feeding

I didn’t want to give up, it took me years to find out my own fashion style and it makes me feel good wearing nice clothes!

Many mothers and nurses have told me it’s all about the babies, it’s all about sacrifices. I know life changes around having your own children and I’m committed fully to it, but I think loosing yourself, losing to take care of yourself, can have a potentially damaging effect which consequently will affect badly to the baby and any close relationship. I believe by becoming mothers we don’t lose ourselves, we UPGRADE ourselves! So let’s upgrade (and widen) our wardrobe together too. Cute nursing clothes here we come!




With much love,



Note: I welcome all parents to visit my website and look around as much as they want, regardless your view of breastfeeding. While my website is about fashion around breastfeeding mums, it’s done with fun and I invite anyone to post about their thoughts and experiences to share with all of us. After all, parenthood is not about having children in our lives but us growing as well with them, making new experiences and growing a strong bond between us. It can be overwhelming sometimes and some other parents out there are not in a good moment or place, let us keep company and share some laughter together, and help each other to walk through the dark together.

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