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Co-sleeping baby Benefits?

This is a much debated topic. There’s lots of health bodies and professionals who claim that co-sleeping is actually dangerous for babies as it supposedly increases SIDS (sudden infant deaths). Yet there’s more and more studies emerging that with proper advice and following safety and […]

Ways to bond with a baby

If you look around the internet about ways to bond with a baby, you’ll find many many ways. But let me tell you the truth, there’s no right way or wrong as long as you care for that baby and spend time with him or […]

Daddy care Day

I’ve been writing a lot about breastfeeding and about mothers and babies, but Daddies are equally helpful when taking care of the children, regardless their very different approach. As mothers, we do our best caring of our little ones, sometimes we might become a bit […]

Make your parents love you

Make your parents love you

Dear baby, your mother here, I wanted to write you so you know how we feel. Sometimes it’s hard and stressful and you know I can’t lie, you can feel it too. You might feel in those moments sick worried and asking yourself “how to […]

A Milk-healthy you. Introducing MooGoo

A Milk-healthy you. Introducing MooGoo

I want a silky cream like skin, super soft, who doesn’t? How about if I tell you that you can be a milk-healthy you, better yet, lactose free?? Meet my favourite organic creams brand: MooGoo.

I have sensitive skin, my husband has very sensitive skin, and my poor baby has extra sensitive skin prone to Eczema. Whenever is very hot and he gets sweaty lots of red spots (itchy ones!) appear, freaking us out more than once when he was few months old! No kidding, being a new mum and worrying about his health all the time, seeing those spots made me think he had Meningitis or something as bad!

So for me was very important to use gentle and natural creams on his super delicate skin. I searched for organic creams and while most are three times more expensive than the chemical ones, I was confident that my baby was going to benefit a lot from them. One of those organic creams I use on him as I mentioned is MooGoo, I already knew this brand from many years back when I was working as a Childminder, and the mum of the family I worked with used the original cream: Skin milk Udder Cream.

What’s MooGoo?

Moogoo is an all natural Skin Care Products’ company coming from Australia. It all started when its founder got the idea when he saw his mother used an udder cream for cows that was effective for her dry skin, but the problem was it was quite thick. After experimenting he found a very effective one but a much lighter and non greasy designed for humans. It expanded to create a range to cater children and adults, using the most natural and healthy ingredients possible, become what is the brand today and also environmentally friendly.

I personally have used this brand before, for me, my husband and my baby, and we love it! Here’s a list of the ones we’ve used so far and that you might find very helpful, and believe me it’s so good for sensitive eczema prone skin like my baby’s. All their products smell lightly somehow creamy sweet, quite yummy for some reason, and the packaging resembles milk products which I think is genius!

Soothing MSM Cream

This cream is our secret weapon against very dry/irritated skin, we can’t live without it, at least my baby can’t. It saved us when he developed a very dry skin rash that was opening and starting to look bad. Poor baby was crying and itchy, but after his bath we would put some of this cream on and it soothed him, at least his urge to scratch disappeared for many hours.

It contains 10% of Organic Sulfur and Sweet Almond oil amongst many organic and full of nutrients ingredients. The bottle of 270g looks quite small for the price you pay but believe it’s so good and effective, and also yo don’t need to put as much unless you want to cover your full body!

The texture is medium-light, not too thick and not too light, for me is perfect, I don’t like greasy thick but too light and feels like water which I don’t like it in creams as I like my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

So if your child suffers from any skin condition I advise to use it, they also sell a nut-free version for those allergic to nuts but as good as the original one.

Mudder Udder Balm

Where to start? This balm is unbelievable and a small tube goes a loooong way! As any good breastfeeding mother, I’m concerned about what my baby gets, I try to give him as natural as possible starting from my milk so why I should jeopardise everything by putting a chemical cream on my nipples that will go into his system?

There’s barely any breastfeeding mothers out there that never experienced any problem, or discomfort or dry skin on their nipples, etc.. I had cracked, irritated, painfully sore nipples, but this cream is a god-sent that helped me relieve from any pain and helped in the process of healing too. It’s Lanolin-free and preservative-free, all ingredients are natural and lactose free, so once applied to a clean nipple it doesn’t need to be wiped off or cleaned before feeding which is a plus!

It melts easily on the skin as it warms up with the body’s temperature, so it’s easy to apply, do not be surprised if it’s cold and the balm seems a bit harder to get it out the tube and looks a bit lumpy, it’s perfectly normal.

Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

We often travel to Spain, a country where the sun shines really bright and even in a semi cloudy day you can get sunburn. I used to buy a cheaper yet popular brand but when I had baby I wanted a good organic one.

Bee was four months when we first traveled to Spain with a baby, and even though it’s not recommended using any sun cream on babies before 6 months, a midwife told us a bit of cream is better than none! Anyway who in their healthy mind would cover fully their baby up their neck on August at 29+ degrees? We kept him out of the sun as best as we could and avoided going out during high sun hours like mid day until 4 (unless we had to for an emergency), but it was impossible to keep the sun from touching his skin at some point or another. Also, it’s good to have some Vitamin D (during the early hours of the morning which are the best rays) and babies need it too!

The cream is not very thick but it is thicker in texture than the MSM cream, also it’s packed of good stuff like Zinc and Zinc Oxide which act like a barrier and reflector. All the best in a sun cream but all natural for all skin types, even babies!


Nappy Balm 75g

This nappy cream is one of the best I ever used but it’s much more costly than the one I prefer buying (which is organic too). It’s very good and not too thick, it barely smells and because it’s made with natural ingredients the company claims that it’s safe in the event of accidental digestion by our little bundle of joy.

Once I’ve used it sparingly when my baby had a very sore red bum as he had a heavy cold and teething (which affects their digestion and also his poops), his bum would always be this irritated when the two factors happen at the same time. It helped for the redness to go away after one application and baby’s mood improved, probably because he was so uncomfortable because of the irritation.

A little cream goes a long way so even if it’s a bit expensive it’s worth every penny and it’s somehow affordable, if I run out of my usual cream I use this one.



Well, these are the ones I’ve used so far and I’m open to try more products from MooGoo as I trust their quality 100%. Next ones I might try are their Specialty products and/or serums, my skin really needs a good TLC in form of a cream since I had my baby. Have you tried any of their products? Why don’t you share your experience by commenting below. Contribute to help other people to try them out. Oh by the way, when buying from them, in checkout they let you choose for a sample to be shipped to you. It’s a fabulous company indeed!


With light and joy,



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Best diaper rash cream for Babies

All babies at one point in their first year of life will experience diaper or nappy rash, and it’s not pleasant for the poor baby nor her worried parents. Thank goodness we have products to help them heal and/or prevent getting any, but there are so many brands out there! So the next question comes up. What is the best diaper rash cream for Babies?

I have created a list of creams that we’ve used on my little Bee and have proven to be effective and gentle to his skin. I’ll post in order from the best to the least likened, yet all of them works, they are just different and some are organic while the others are popular creams.

1st Place. Childs Farm

It’s a fairly new British brand of Organic skincare for babies, it’s specially aimed to Eczema prone skin, and believe me it’s really good! I first saw it on the aisle of baby products in my local Boots (a Pharmacy and drug store type of shop very popular here in England), and to the eye the design is appealing. The packaging uses happy and fun designs similar to collage cartoon featuring children in a farm and outdoors.

Click to purchaseThe range is quite extensive starting from newborn toiletries up, and we’ve been using the newborn range on Bee as soon as day one, and I have been recommending them to all of our friends. It has three important facts that convinces you to at least trying them:

  • Organic. Yes! We try to not to expose our children to nasty things like chemicals as little as possible, their skin is greatly more sensitive than an adults’. The ingredients used are on the label, all of them, and they only use natural products.
  • High value. They are of great quality yet very much affordable, it’s as good as leading brands like Weleda or Burt’s Bees!
  • Accessible. It’s sold in Boots and many more shops and supermarkets like Tesco. Also online like in the colossal Amazon.co.uk or on their own website.

For more information about their product or range go and check their website, it’s packed of lots of facts and goodies like discounts: https://www.childsfarm.com/

2nd Place. Moogoo

Click to purchaseAnother organic brand that is getting more and more popular every day, coming from all the way from Australia. Its name comes from their first product originated from Udder Cream, yet because it was so thick its creator made a skincare product with natural ingredients that is lighter and non greasy. From then the range was extended as its clientele grew bigger, making the brand pretty much in high demand. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but it’s worth every penny, all their creams smell lightly like fresh cream and to me it smells yummy!

Moogoo has a baby range and their Nappy Balm is top-notch, non greasy and soft. We bought the baby toiletry set and it came with a rubber toy cow. It doesn’t say it’s for sensitive skin but all their baby range was created with that in mind and it won’t disappoint you. All the packaging design is fresh and clean resembling of a milk carton and products, with their cow picture in all of them, a very genius branding. For more information please visit their website: https://moogoo.com.au/

3rd Place. Weleda

Organic rocks!

Weleda is another natural focused product, with a big range of skin products as well yet a shorter one for baby products. The price range would be between the Moogoo and Childs Farm, making it affordable to most people, yet their Calendula Nappy change cream is quite rich and with a pea sized is more than enough for the whole area! There’s also a second version of the cream for the more hypersensitive skin called White Mallow Nappy change cream.

We’ve been given this cream as a gift from friends and before that we really didn’t pay much attention to this Swiss brand, but it’s not a new one compared to the former creams on the list. The company originally created the products in a pharmaceutical laboratory, and has been around for almost a century! Many people in Europe have benefited of its products and the brand grew stronger and better, it’s definitely one to trust.

4th Place. Sudocrem

This one is not organic, yet it’s worth to mention. Pretty much a popular one in Ireland and in the UK, and if not number one then pretty close, although organic products like Childs Farm is growing more popular every passing day. Nurses will recommend you this one first thing instead mentioning other brands, as it has been around for a while too! It’s pretty affordable to the par of Childs Farm, and it’s sold almost in all shops across UK and Ireland.

Its creator, Professor Thomas Smith, developed in his humble shop in Dublin a unique cream that was proven effective for minor skin lesions, included nappy rash and baby skin related ailments. It became highly demanded and popular when he did a genius move to give samples to new mothers, and from then they expanded to the British isles.

I already knew this brand back from my years living in Dublin when I was a Childminder, though I wasn’t a fan of its thick cream. When I had Bee I received some samples and one of those was the Antiseptic Healing cream, which I tried when Bee was three weeks old and developed a light nappy rash (because we ran out of the small tube of Childs Farm) so we used this one and it gave great results, also it’s lighter than the original Sudrocrem. We wouldn’t mind using it but we prefer to use natural creams on our children.

Creme de la Cream

I believe that there’s more great creams out there and I’m more than happy to test them out, preferably organic, and if I find one cream that tops any of the list I’ll update this post soon after. But for the time being, my baby and I love our chosen ones and we don’t have the need to change any of them. Do we share the same choices as yours? If not, please comment below and let us know (and who knows, eventually forcing us to provide an update? Lol).


With joy and light,





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