Snow “storms” March

Snow “storms” March

Outside is like a Christmas postcard, but without the festive feel. The sky is so grayish white, so dense, it looks like it’s going to snow hard tonight. It’s been snowing now and then but now I have the feeling that tonight will be a good long session of snow, the type that if you had forgotten where you parked your car, you would think that was a little white hill. Who ever thought there would be snow storms in March!

So much snow.. And so little inspiration. SO unfair. Being locked in the house doesn’t help much either, baby is grumpy because probably he misses a nice walk outside.

I feel down, like my defenses.

I also feel lethargic, I miss the sun so much! We are in March, when is the Spring coming?? I want to see Daffodils and Cherry trees blossoming, finding pink and white petals flying within the gentle breeze and landing on a green carpet of grass.

Maybe I’m suffering what is called Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), I am supposed to be used to the gray days thanks to living in the Emerald Isle for ten years. I thought I’ve built some kind of resistance but it seems not. I envy the Irish, so merry and humorous despite the unstable and downy weather they usually have! Right now I don’t envy them, they are quite busy dealing with an uninvited guest: Storm Emma.

Perhaps I might be coming down with a cold, although now that I think maybe I might have never got off the one I had few weeks ago. Pesky little viruses that like to go around the place spreading their “love”!!… Right now I regret saying “Sharing is Caring” so much to my child, I didn’t need a share of seasonal ailments!

Let it go

That’s what princess Elsa sung, in the middle of nowhere, she said also that “the cold didn’t bother me anyway”. No, cold DOES bother me! And no, I won’t let go my side of the blanket because my husband decided to become an uncut California maki.

I was sitting on the couch half zombie in saving power mode, and I remembered the ad of Ikea I read last month (I think it was) about their new campaign of selling Individual duvets Couple set. I remembered parts of the song of Shania saying to myself “you must be joking right?” and “That don’t impress me much”.

Then I looked outside the window, sneezed a bit, looked to my lovely husband and thought “Don’t get me wrong, yeah I think you’re alright, But that won’t keep me warm in the middle of the night”! Certainly not if he keeps stealing my share of duvet…

I’m starting to consider another trip to Ikea pretty soon.

Food takes long to cook and fast to get cold

Annoying isn’t it? You spend all the evening cooking something lovely, chopping nicely all those vegetables, checking the oven temperature, the cooking time, setting up the table… Then food is ready, you serve it on the table, husband just put baby to bed and he says he’ll be there in a minute as he needs to go to the toilet. He’s there three minutes, while sitting down he points out the toilet seat was as cold as sitting on a rock in a cave. As he finishes the sentence we have a bite to the food.. It’s already lukewarm… What the???

We don’t have the heating on all the time, it consumes a lot of electricity as we rent an old flat, so we use it mostly when the baby is in the living room, and we wear nice cozy bathrobes. I could understand that the food gets colder much quicker, but not that quick, It was only few minutes since I’ve served!

Well we ate all because at least it was tasty and we were hungry. We had a nice cod in wine sauce and vegetables, cooked in the oven for an hour. My husband says he wants to eat this again, and I replied I’ll do my best to remember what I put in it.

Husband’s mini vacation

My man works in schools, so basically he’s attached to the school holidays calendar, so they are not open for flexibility. But with the weather like this, which is out of our control, we don’t want to mess up with the safety of families, most importantly children. So many came up closing for the reminder of the week, therefore my husband got additional holidays.

It’s nice to have him here, Bee can play with Dada these days, and I have someone to take over so I can write this post. I love having him here but I fear that if it snows too much we are all going to get very grumpy soon if we can’t go out the house for at least for a couple of hours.

He normally gets a bit down when having to return to work after a break, I don’t want to imagine how he’ll be when he goes back on Monday. We don’t even know how the weather is going to be next week so who knows, the little vacation could turn out longer. That worries me a bit, because normally when things like this happens, work piles up, and when you get back to work there’s gonna be a heck of a pile of “homework” to do!

Rant over

So this is a summary of my snowy days so far. If I could I would go out and just scream, but I would need to go away a bit far to not to bother neighbours, and that means I would have to dig out a path through layers and layers of snow and ice. I can imagine myself trying to do that, and after digging one metre off I would be so exhausted that all the tension/anger/grumpiness would have evaporated (and falling down like icicles). Gosh it makes me feel tired just by thinking it!

Lets hope next week will be a warmer week. Definitely anything above 1 degree will be warmer. I just want the sun to come out for a day please!


With joy and light,

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