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If you are a breastfeeding mother, chances are that your immune system is weakened by dealing with bad cold weather, colds passed by family or friends (or your own children) but mainly from being tired and having your hormones like a roller coaster. As you know, anything you eat part of it ends up in your baby’s milk, that’s why you try to eat healthily as much as you can, but you also have to watch out for medicines. I support natural whenever there’s no need to medical intervention, and the ones I use for treating my colds so far have been effective, here I share with you my healthy home remedies.

Vitamin C

Yes, a popular and well-known vitamin, people tend to think Oranges when you mention this one, but you can find Vitamin C in many fruits and vegetables. Here’s some by order in colours:


  • RED:

Strawberries for instance are very rich not only in Vitamin C but many healthy goods as antioxidants and fiber. Cherries are actually packed with 65 times more Vitamin C than oranges! Tomatoes are also well packed with it, they are even more concentrated in sun-dried tomatoes.

  • Yellow/Orange:

Bell Peppers of this colour has the more concentration of Vitamin C than its other coloured siblings, second would be the red ones. Melons are great too and so nice as a snack in hot summer. Lemon and Oranges are known widely, but not so known is Cauliflower, which is also packed with good stuff as vitamin K, fiber and folates.

  • Green: Kale, Spinach, green Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Kiwis, Brussels Sprouts and herbs are few to name that probably you haven’t thought of.

  • Dark Coloured: Black currant, blue berries. Also contain Antioxidants, Iron and Potassium in their list of natural benefits.

Raw Honey

Not everybody likes honey but I do, and it’s so delicious on orange slices as a healthy snack (yummy!), or in hot tea, or even in hot food like spare ribs or chicken wings.

The great benefits that honey holds are delivered best when you consume it raw and not cooked or in hot foods or hot drinks. Some people even use honey topically for treating wounds and skin conditions as it has antibacterial properties.

There’re many types of honey as its variation depends on of the type of flower the bees of the colony collect the pollen from. The best I found to treat a bad cold is Raw Manuka Honey from Wedderspoon, I take 1 or two teaspoons on its own. It tastes rich and sweet, really nice taste of real natural honey, also the texture is a bit on the chewy side than liquid as the supermarket branded ones.

Even though it’s very good, please do not give any to you child if he or she is younger than a year as it can cause Botulism.

Warm Baths

Who doesn’t like warm baths? They are relaxing for your tired and maybe achy body, calms nerves and relaxes your mind. In many cultures is a habit to take a bath by the end of the day not only for hygienic purposes and relaxing benefits but because it’s part of tradition, like in Japan, which they use a deeper bath than its western counterparts called Ofuro.

Baths are also good for treating minor respiratory and skin problems, as the vapours open up stuffy noses and pores. I like using Eucalyptus Salts or Bath Soaks, as it adds extra benefits as is anti-inflammatory, also as its a natural descongestant it stimulates to breathe better.

Add more Zzz’s

Doctors will always prescribe ALWAYS more rest, to help the body to regenerate itself. So much is happening in our bodies during bed time, even though we are still (most of the people are, at least big part of it) and hyperactive people might think it’s a waste of time, but it’s necessary for our survival.

Sleeping the necessary 7 or 8 hours per day allows our mind to declutter better, slowly getting rid of anxiety or stress, also the muscles relax during sleep and boosts the immune system.

If you google Benefits of sleeping more, you’ll find a myriad of websites stating benefits and advantages of a good sleep, it’s part of nature as all living beings needs this state in order to function. But there’s also a warning, while it’s good to sleep well and for an amount of time, sleeping excessively (unless is needed for medical reasons) can be counterproductive. So as always, never do things in excess!

Drink plenty of fluids

And I don’t mean fizzy drinks, alcohol, sugary drinks.. Water is pretty much-needed to hydrate the body, some people wouldn’t drink water and prefers their cup of tea, but it’s not the same.

Water is needed to hydrate our body, which loses a lot of it while we breathe, when we digest, sweat, urinate etc.. It keeps our body functions up, it helps to regulate our body temperature, and keeping its cells, organs and tissues well moist. When we have a cold we lose a lot of water with fever and vapours we exhale while breathing.

In England, I read that they advise drinking plenty of tea to keep hydrated, I understand that drinking tea is somewhat a habit here, more than drinking water, but I believe it’s not the same. But if you don’t like plain water just dilute as much you can your tea. A claim from a prominent university in London states tea is better because of antioxidants, but remember tea has caffeine in it, water doesn’t, a high consumption of caffeine can increase heart rate, elevate anxiety and stress. I suggest drinking tea and water, maybe alternating between both.

Stay positive and happy

I know it may sound cliche or weird to ask someone ill to stay positive and happy, but it actually helps. People that are happier and positive are more in tune with their bodies.

We know that stress and anxiety causes havoc not only in our brains but our whole self, happiness and positive thoughts actually does the contrary.. When we are happy and positive we are calmer and peaceful, or we could be excited and hopeful, either way makes any pain more bearable, boosts the immune system, helps combat diseases and stress or anxiety, protects the heart, and more.

So be grateful for living, for the love you receive from your closest people, for the good you’ve got in your life… And be grateful for all the great things coming to you, this way you’ll bring more happiness in your life.


With joy and light,



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6 thoughts on “Healthy home remedies”

  • Wow, what an awesome post. i wasn’t aware that each colored fruit has it’s specific benefits. This is really great, isn’t it. I really enjoyed this article a lot as it is full of useful tips and information. Great work. looking forward for more useful posts from you, Superb:)

    • Thanks Sarah for your thought. I know, I didn’t know either and you know what’s better? Strawberries! I don’t love oranges that much but I used to drink and eat oranges for the Vitamin C and then I found out that my favourite fruit had much more Vitamin C and I was like “whaaa…??” So now I have an excuse to indulge myself with Strawberries when I have a cold. I don’t look glamorous gobbling down strawberries sitting in my bed looking like a beat up pinata but I feel like one! 😀

  • Great post! I love doing things as naturally as possible! Honey is one of the most powerful medicines! I make a remedy where I mix the same amount of honey with the same amount of thinly grated ginger. My aunt came to visit us in the states from Aulstralia back then and she made this remedy for my younger cousin who was suffering from asthma. He had to take a spoonful before bed and a spoonful as soon as he woke in the morning. I still believe that to this day, that remedy cured him because he no longer has asthma!

    • Wow that’s amazing! I might try that remedy with my husband who sometimes suffers of ashtma (not as much as when he was younger). Honey is definitely an amazing gift, yet so many companies kill bees every day with lots of chemical pesticides. We must tackle this issue soon otherwise not only we won’t have any more honey but the while the whole ecosystem depends on pollination from bees, other insects, birds and bats, bees are the biggest contributor.

  • This is a great post.
    I have read many post on people sharing vitamin pills etc for a healthy boost. We need more on fruits and veges.
    I enjoy the different balance of fruits myself and encourage others to start that trend also.
    Bonus – Raw manuka honey is the best!

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes, people needs to see that the best Vitamins are found in their “original” source, as depending on the fruit in question there’s added bonus of minerals, iron, antioxidants, fibre, etc.I understand sometimes we need a quick boost and we might take Vitamin pills but they only give you something specific and we might not know that we also need the other added good stuff of a fruit, also eating a fruit will fill us so we don’t need to go snacking other not so healthy foods.
      And definitely Raw Manuka honey is like Gold liquid (almost literally as the prices are going up fast!).

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