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Come.. Welcome! My name is Diosa and I’m a new mother of a little boy, let’s call him B. How’s your day so far?


New Mum… New life


Hello! My name is Diosa, and I’m a new mum, and a certified Parenting Coach. If you are here you are probably a mum or mum to be… Or maybe a friend or family of a mum who wants to support them the best way possible? 

I’ve created this Blog mainly because I’m very passionate about children, and helping their mamas to care for them with lots of love, fun times together, and with a positive mindset through their journey as a family! 

How it all started..

I’ve worked with children since I was 16 by helping my mom care of my newborn brother. I’ve also babysat two little girls, every two weekends, for few hours, I have beautiful memories of back then and never thought it would become my long term profession!

Then at the age of 21 I went to Ireland to become and aupair for a year, staying with a family of 5 children, in a small town north the county of Dublin with amazing people and landscape! I fell in love with Ireland that I lived there for 10 years!!  

For those 10 years I worked with about 12 families in total, a mix of different nationalities and languages (I speak Spanish and Catalan also!), either Nannying or babysitting.

Caring for families became my Passion of TODAY

I’ve never been more blessed professionally, paying me well for working with amazing and caring people that welcomed me into their homes, making me feel like I was part of their families.

During this time I developed a love and passion for helping families, specially children and their moms.

Now I’m living near Luton with my English husband and our little boy, enjoying family time, and now starting a new journey.. With you!

Here you’ll find nice advice, products I’ve used that could work for you, and some funny posts about me and my family!

From Childcaring to Parenting Coach

Now that I’ve got my own and I want to spend as much time as I can caring for my own family, Nannying/Childminding is not an option anymore. I wanted to use all this knowledge and experience that I’ve accumulated over the years, not only with hands on work but reading books and studying some small courses.

Becoming a Parenting Coach was the best choice since I can still help families while caring for mine!  

I help mainly new mamas, some before they get to hold their newborn for the first time and some after they’ve got their cuddly treasure.

Working with New Mamas

My goal is to be there for them the first months, supporting them with any doubts and reinforcing their confidence as a new parent, giving them the advice and tips they want or need, being as a friend in their lonely times (yes, a mama’s journey can be lonesome! I felt lonely some times too!).. 

Parenthood, mostly motherhood, is an amazing phase of life but unfortunately all the beauty and powerful moments can be tainted because many doesn’t have the right or enough support. Know that you are not lonely, there’s so much support out there including me! 

All my help (including this blog) contains transparent, good intentions, motivational, positivism, care and love, posts for anyone who needs them.

All the best,

Diosa Ll.B.



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