5 Ways you can use reusable breastfeeding pads

If you are breastfeeding one of the things you normally buy are breast pads, if you don’t buy it before having the baby, eventually you’ll buy some as the breasts tend to leak. There’s two types available so far: reusable breastfeeding pads and disposable ones.

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Disposable ones come in packs of about 24, usually sold in pharmacies or supermarkets and online. Prices vary depending the brand, the ones I’ve tried and liked were  the Medela and the Lansinoh, I’ve bought them online as I found them cheaper buying them on amazon than my local supermarket, although sometimes there’s usually offers on sales and baby events.

The reason I didn’t stick to them was mainly financially, also I didn’t feel that comfortable with them as the rim of the pad felt itchy on my skin (breast skin is quite sensitive and delicate). Also a few times when I had mastitis, my breasts would leak so much and had to change the pads within 2 hours, while with the bamboo ones I wore them for many more hours, and were more comfortable to use with engorged breasts.

Click to purchaseI did a bit of research for reusable breast pads and found bamboo fiber ones the best, and they are one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made! Let me explain you. Bamboo fabric is very absorbent, also naturally antibacterial, it’s hypoallergenic and of course, very soft. Now lets add the fact that you just have to wash it and you can use it again and again. I’ve bought one brand that was cheaper than the CannyMum Washable Natural Contoured Bamboo Breast Pads called Kiddo Care washable organic Bamboo pads, they are quite good and with all the advantages promised in the advertisement. I found handy the wash bag that comes with them, although I only used it to keep little things like cream tubes and baby’s soothers. They are UK brands by the way, available in UK sites but there’s equivalents of american based like ECONursing Pads.

Reusable breast pads are also great for other uses, not only for leaky boobs! Next I’ll show you what I’ve used them for, and as long as you wash them properly and very clean you won’t have to worry about using them for other things. I washed them at 40 degrees (I was afraid to destroy them by washing them at 60) and used Dettol antibacterial laundry cleanser, they came out nice and clean.


Face cleaning pads

Do you know how many cotton disks we use to wash our skin, or to put some mosituriser, or tonic water? Also, we tend to use lots to take off all that make up, me for instance, I tend to use lots to take off that bloody eyeliner and mascara that insists to stay smeared making me look like a sad panda bear!

The bamboo pads were very soft and gentle with my eyes, I loved the fact that to the contrary to cotton pads, they stay in shape and are easier to hold and bend, to clean the eye line nicely. Try it and you’ll see what I mean!


Drool/spitting catcher

There have been some times that I forgot to bring tissues with me and I didn’t want to use wipes as they are already wet (it would be an unnecessary waste!). I would always carry a pair of bamboo pads with me because I had a few occasions of mastitis. Because of the fullness I would leak fountains, and it’s embarrassing to sport a big wet patch on your top or dress for everyone to see. Well, I used them to clean my baby boy’s mouth, dry his drool and even hold one on this t-shirt neck until I could find a bib in the enormous bag we mummies carry for baby’s stuff.


Eye wear cleaner

Yup, I’ve used them for that too! Hey, they do the job! Much better than a tissue paper, and also you would’t drive with wet or dirty glasses right? They don’t fit in the case because the pads are quite bulky though… Don’t use any chemical products with it as if there’s any residue it could go to baby’s skin, make up doesn’t count as it’s meant for the skin.


Emergency nappy wipes

When baby was a newborn and I had to change his nappy, if he had done a wee only I would sometimes use a pad soaked in lukewarm water. It works well and much better opposed to the cotton wool. With one pad was more than enough for just a small and delicate bottom. I would make sure to soak it in warm water and a bit of Dettol to disinfect and to avoid the pee to stay in the fabric.

I would normally use a reusable bamboo wipe from Cheeky wipes but if for some reason there wouldn’t be any at hand, and had a pad nearby, I would use the pad instead, after all the theory behind it is the same. For an US equivalent I would recommend Moolecole, pretty much the same although I can’t say about the size, but as they are used as wipes they would be similar.



Past its former glory

These uses would be for way after its main use and no longer needed to be used on baby.

Lets say a pad became an old manky pad that has lost its softness. Don’t throw it away! Use it as a nail polish remover pad! It’s easier to use than a cotton pad, the only little problem is that because of its high absorbency it absorbs quite a lot of liquid before becoming soaked. Yet it still works.

Another use would be for polishing shoes, or just cleaning them with a bit of water for those little spots of dirt or mud.


Bamboo pads rock!

Well, there you have! I’ve told you all the uses I’ve given to my reusable pads, and I love them! It can be used in so many ways, many that I cannot even imagine right now, but those are all the uses I’ve done so far. Have you used them for anything else too? Please let me know by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear them all!


With joy and light,





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2 thoughts on “5 Ways you can use reusable breastfeeding pads”

  • Really useful tips here for the Breast pads. I still have lot going spare and my little one is 10 months old now. I’m gonna make sure I use them to treat myself and paint my nails! Loving your ideas, I think you have taken good time and effort into finding the right choices. Thank you again, Nita

    • Thanks so much Nita for your comment,
      I’m going to store mine away for the next baby but I spotted two that I might end up using for my face cleaning routine!
      I believe that unless something is looking bad and useless it can be reinvented for another purpose.

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